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Townland index transcription update

admin 15/04/2022, 18:23

Don one of our volunteers has updated and corrected his transcription of counties Antrim and Down index transcriptions. The total number of townland index transcription is 306,456.
He states about his latest update:
"The townland index transcriptions now include complete coverage of Belfast from 1713 to 1820.

"Given the number of people with an ancestor from Belfast, this should be of broad interest. The other towns (Carrickfergus and Lisburn) are covered as well.
This was a lot less work than the A-Z townlands, the pages were far less cramped and generally not smudged.

"I've fixed some errors in my earlier trancription, and done a few more miraculous transcriptions.

"In total there were only 35 entries in the entire book which I was unable to decipher.

"I've checked them all for internal consistency. There are so many entries now (nearly 10% of the memorials from that time period), that the consistency checks catch almost all errors.

"I also added a couple of new pages from County Down 1739-1810. That book is even substantially worse than the Antrim book."

We thank him for his valuable contribution.

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